Wander Women Abroad is the adventures and mishaps of three distinct woman of color as we move through the ever-rotating backdrop of this earth.

We push our bodies to its physical limits and force ourselves outside of our comfort zone to meet new people, share their stories, immerse ourselves in different cultures, fall in love, and explore places unknown.

Our goal is to journey across the world to discover untold stories of music and the people who speak through it. We want to truly hear the rhythmic patterns of our earth.

We also want this blog to serve as a platform to let all of the underrepresented American travelers (black, women, queer, poly) know that we are included, represented in the global landscape, and have the opportunity for unique travel experiences.

As we explore various parts of the world we will face the natural challenges of traveling on a budget, all while taking the opportunity to explore the world and its array of cultures, learn about the people’s daily lives, as well as our own impulses and desires for love, passion, and adventure.