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Don’t Be Afraid to Split up While Traveling in a Group

Don’t Be Afraid to Split up While Traveling in a Group

I am decidedly not a morning person and most days I would rather do (insert anything here) than to wake up early.

The girls know this about me, and despite their annoyance over it, they respect my chronic morning sleepiness.

When we travel together, they let me sleep in, while they enjoy a cafe breakfast, beach run, read a book (whatever it is people do in the mornings).

They leave me to awaken unbothered and happy.

Often times they tell me I’ve missed out on something fun and guess what??

I’m perfectly okay with that.

The trick is that when traveling for long periods, you have to let your travel partners operate in a way that feels natural to them, otherwise friction and resentment will breed.

Splitting up in the morning works for us because I am 100% okay with missing out on the morning activity and they are 100% okay with doing the morning activity without me.

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The magic of traveling can really be felt when you find a rhythm that works for everybody.

Whether you’re traveling with someone who likes to sleep in, or someone who likes near death adventures, find a rhythm that appeals to everyone’s comfort.

When someone asks me for travel advice I remind them that going to Tangier or Japan or Idaho doesn’t make you a completely different person.

You will still have activities and habits that make you comfortable-- lean into these habits.

Embarking on a long travel journey can be strange and if waking up late or going for a morning jog is your thing, do it!

If you’re the only one in the group who wants to go off-roading through riverbeds, then you better buckle up and have the time of your life!

Plus chances are, you’ll meet someone and make a friend when you’re solo.


 On the flip side, don’t do something that makes you unhappy or uncomfortable.

If the group decides to go parasailing, and you just can’t work up the constitution to do it, don’t participate.

Nothing is less fun than trying to force yourself to have fun.

Splitting up is perfectly okay, give yourself permission to grow and try new things while traveling, all while remaining in-tune with your personal needs.

I’ve had some of the most exciting and electric moments going on solo adventures while traveling with a group.

The key, like with most things in life is flexibility.

Find your rhythm and flow, the journey will be so much better.  

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