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Music of the Month: April

Music of the Month: April

Happy May Day 🌸

Can you guys believe we are almost half way through 2019?!


I know I’m having a hard time wrapping my mind around the idea. Partly because I feel like I still have so much shit left to do lol but I guess that means it’s time to focus up and really make the second half of the year a productive one.

We’ve been blogging for a little over two months now and tbh it’s not what I expected. It’s quite time consuming, I spend a lot of time staring at the computer screen, and I have developed daily finger cramps from typing and scrolling through my phone lol.

Yet, at the same time we are learning so much about the blogging world and we love having the opportunity to share our stories with you.

We are so stoked to continue on this journey and we just want to say thanks for all the support. We really appreciate you for taking the time to read, comment, and/or share our content.

It means the world to us and makes all the finger cramps worth it 💖✨

Alright, enough with all the sappyness and let’s move on to the real reason you came to this post.

It’s time for you enjoy some of our favorite musical artist from this month.

Let us know what you think in the comments and if you like what you are hearing don’t forget to share.


Hailing from Manchester UK, IAMDDB is classified as a jazz songstress, but her unique mix of hip hop and raspy  vocalizations create an unheard sound. Her unabashed lyrics and style provides a musical experience that will have you feeling yourself at the very least. Her single,”Shade” was my first introduction of IAMDDB, I was hooked after that. If you’re looking for something to bump as your rolling through your city after dark, IAMDDB is your girl.

2. Koffee

Koffee from Spanish Town, Jamaica treads on  rarely stepped upon terrains as she serenades with her dancehall / Hip Hop melodies. Her church choir roots shine through she weaves them into her Hip Hop lyricism. Her song, “Rapture” is what initially drew me to her. The combination of her vocals paired with Dancehall rhythms is attractive to say the least, and will have you moving your body in tune.She recently signed to Columbia Records UK and I expect to be hearing more of her grooves in this upcoming year. Keep your ears on Koffee.

3. Prateek Kuhad

New Dehli’s new man Prateek Kuhad will have you contemplating love and loss with his sweet song. As Prateek’s piano and soft vocal expression  helps you relive the sometimes bittersweet flavors of love. This artist is one that I pray 🙏 presses vinyl, his voice is perfect for that warmth only a good record player can provide.Prateek does what music is meant to do, makes you dive deep into the moments  held in your memory, and gives them a soundtrack you never knew you needed. Word of caution, memories that Prateek brings to the surface through song, may seem deeper, sadder, realer than they previously appeared.

4. Little Simz

If you are a fanatic about the lyrical prowess of the best rappers in the game you have to check out Little Simz. She can go bar for bar with any MC you know male or female. Her lyrical speed and accuracy is inspiring and impressive to say the least. North London should be extremely proud of this poet/rapstress and her third studio album “GREY Area” is something to lookout for.

5. Phum Viphurt

Phum has a classical voice that vaguely remind me of Bobby Caldwell. His voice has  a deeper stronger tone than his appearance would give clue to. He has a smooth and simple guitar style that I can really appreciate. His single “Lover Boy” will take you back to the sweetness of initial love and infatuation. Its the soundtrack to sneaking out of your house and meeting a lover. Beautifully composed and presented  this New Zealand native will give you music for the sunshine.

6. Farafi

A world music band that is a fusion of traditional African, middle eastern and western contemporary music.Darlini Singh Kaul & Joy Tyson are the heart and soul of the band. They create an eclectic collection of traditional, vintage and original songs, that vary from deep in your feelings type vibes to upbeat bangers.Farafi strives to inspire and empower every soul on this earth to feel the beauty and joy of expression and celebration.

We hope you enjoy this collection of music from around the world 🌍

Which one of these artist was your favorite?  

Check back in next month to see our new list of artist or subscribe below the first to know about new post. :)

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