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Kittsy Vial Flor

When Kittsy Vial opens her mouth and begins her song, she sings with the clarity of a warm wind. Her voice is surrounding and reminiscent of shamanistic harmonies that I've only truly experienced in Latin America. As the daughter of an Andean Folklorist and songstress mother, Kittsy Vial has been constantly surrounded by the melodies of Chilean Folk and Latin American tribal singing.

Music of the Month: March

We want to use this platform to share music that we love from around the world. Because we believe, music is a universal language that has the ability give us insight into the cultures and stories of the people creating it. 🗺 🎶That being said, every month we are going to share some of our favorite international artists with all of you lovely peoples🎵🌎💃🏽

Music Is Our Muse

Music is ever moving, ever changing. Each region on earth speaks a different musical language, across every border you can hear distinct changes in rhythm and instrumentation. From the mouths of our culture we can engage with our neighbors, and this world we have come to know as divided, can be less so.