Meet The Women

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When Farren isn’t in TV/film school, she’s exploring the world, preferably places with coconuts and beaches. She’s known for her love of music and traveling, but is also crazy about elephants, video games, dancing, and pasta. She aims to breathe life into the world by authentically capturing creatives and shaking up the reality TV space. She’s currently binge watching Downton Abbey and perfecting a vegan gumbo recipe.


Jordan has an eye for the natural beauty of this world. She is a true nomad and woman of adventure. Through photography, she invites viewers to join her travels and hopes to inspire them get out there and explore. After serving two years as an Environmental Conservation Volunteer with Peace Corps in Paraguay, she has developed the ability to connect deeply to locals and fellow traveler alike. Which has allowed her to explore places not found in a guide book. Whether it’s catching giant snakes in the Amazon jungle, deep diving in tropical water, or trudging through caiman infested swamps, she will be there with her camera in hand to document it all.



Tawny is a passionate creative with an ear for finding unique and personal music all around the world. She is dedicated to exploring the possibilities of sound and the importance of music through travel. As a musician she actively participates in the music scene in each city, town, or village, in hopes to highlight hidden talents all over the world. In addition to music she is also a writer, focusing on deep connections and interactions along her travels.